Quality has always been regarded as one of the base elements of Carapelli's strategy. Numerous events, which can be seen listed below, have demonstrated Carapelli's dedication to total quality, both regarding products and company processes.

For us "Quality" means:

  • planning
  • control of the entire production line (from supplies to dispatch)
  • non conformity management
  • customer service
  • analysis of contractual requirements
  • personnel training
  • periodical re-evaluations of the quality system

In 1997 Carapelli was one of the first in its field to undertake the process of certification.
Our certifications:

Carapelli obtained the certification in company quality systems UNI/EN ISO 9001:2008 conforming its internal quality system to the new regulation. 

Carapelli Quality

Apart from process certification, Carapelli is the first company in its sector to have obtained the certification of its products.
This represents an important goal for Carapelli, and further confirmation of its commitment to quality.

With "Gold Quality certification" (Dtp 045 Cert. n. 908), the Italian accredited certification body CSQA guarantees that "Carapelli extra virgin olive oils are strong on quality and authenticity and have a well defined content of nutritional ingredients".

The CSQA seal on Carapelli back labels is a definite guarantee of quality (uniformity of flavour and aroma), carefully selected raw materials with elevated nutrition values (a high concentration of phenols and tocopherols, natural antioxidants that help to protect cells from premature ageing).

The CSQA, the Italian Agriculture and Food Quality Certification Board, was the first specialised body in this sector to obtain accreditation in Italyfor certification of company quality systems.
Founded in 1991 as one of the initiatives by the Institute of Agriculture and Food Biotechnology in Thiene, the CSQA belongs to the CISQ Federation and is also listed on the international circuit of accredited certification bodies. Due to this affiliation, the CSQA certificates have international validity.