Fortune and fruitfulness
These were to be Carapelli's distinctive features. Right from the start.
Cesira and Costantino Carapelli had no less than thirteen children, the first company nucleus, set up on 23 September 1893, date of the start of a long and happy marriage. And the starting point for a long, fortune filled business affair.

Three hundred lire well invested
With the dowry of his wife, Cesira Nuti, Costantino bought a warehouse in Montevarchi to trade in grain, oil and other agricultural produce. The first small seed of a plant that was to bear much fruit.

Six brothers bound by harmony and skills
Cesare, Corrado, Carlo, Colombo, Giacinto - and after a few years Pindaro, too - followed in footsteps of their father, who died in 1926, each choosing freely, according to his own inclination and studies, the most appropriate sector within the running of the company, which continued to grow and carved out a place for itself on markets the length and breadth of Italy. With constant harmony between the brothers.

The most modern in Italy
From traders to industrialists, on the eve of war, the Carapelli family set up the most modern wheat mill of the time just outside Florence, in Ponte a Ema. Right next to it they also built the first oil-pressing factory. All around them sprang up warehouses and silos and pretty soon new factory sheds too, so rapid was the expansion of the Carapelli brand.

The war and bombardments that destroyed everything did little to curb their efforts and their will to succeed.
Reconstruction started in Novoli, which was then open countryside and over the years, a plant was established.

In the 50's Carapelli started appearing on tables everywhere. It was noted for its classic, round, easy-grip bottle. They were the first company to launch extra virgin oil, at a time when it accounted for just 10% of the total olive oil market.
In 1967 advertising started, contributing in a decisive way to building Carapelli's positive image.
This is just the beginning, the story continues…

This is the historical archive of the company's most representative photos.