Carapelli Nutritional Institute and No-profit Foundation

Research has always been an important aspect for Carapelli.

Since its creation more than one hundred years ago, Carapelli has always focused on the improvement and enhancement of the culture of extra virgin olive oil.

Its Nutrition Institute, founded in 2001, is the core and promotion centre for this research.

The Istituto Nutrizionale Carapelli is a no-profit foundation for scientific research into the olive oil sector and the education and spreading of the awareness of theimportance of a correct diet.

The institute's scientific committee is made up of a team of experts from the field of nutrition.

Over the years, in partnership with Italian and foreign universities, it has carried out a great deal of fundamental research into olive oil.

Today the Nutrition Institute carries out educational programmes that target primary schools with the aim of teaching children and their families about correct healthy diet.

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